Providing legislative drafting services in both the private and public contexts.

The Problem

  • Legislation and the drafting of it are essential to a functional democracy.
  • Whether in times of budget surplus or deficit, legislation must be drafted.
  • The quantity, quality, and timeliness of legislative drafting work must meet the requirements of both legislators and the legal system.


  • The current emphasis on budget deficit management in government and other organizations makes hiring skilled, permanent drafters difficult. This problem may persist.
  • Superior Legislative drafting is a product of training and experience. It is part art, part logic, and all law. Skilled, experienced legislative drafters are not plentiful.


  • E Scott Burke Legislative Drafting Solutions has the capability and the focus to provide drafting services to multiple levels of government.
  • E Scott Burke Legislative Drafting Solutions can augment the capabilities of federal and provincial departments and government agencies to provide high quality legislative drafting, on time and on budget.


Not all laws are created equal. This statement sounds counterintuitive, so let me explain. First, there is a distinction between the common law or, as it is sometimes called, "judge-made law" and written law, often referred to generally as "statute law" more